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About Royal Far West

Since 1924, we’ve kept country kids connected to the healthcare they need and couldn’t otherwise access. Today, there are over 300,000 children living in rural and remote areas of Australia in need of urgent developmental and mental health support, and at Royal Far West, we call the distance between those children and the care they need kidometres.

Our integrated health, education and disability services are delivered through a combination of residential – in Manly, remote – via technology and in- community programs. We work closely with healthcare professionals, schools, communities, parents and carers to deliver our services in the most effective way possible.

You can help us to reach more kids, faster by buying kidometres online. Donate today, and remind families across Australia that being far from help doesn’t have to mean being far from hope.

Donate directly to the Royal Far West Children's Foundation

Royal Far West (RFW) enjoys a wonderful partnership with the Goodwill Op Shops. We are delighted in the relationship we have with the dedicated team of Staff and Volunteers who work at Goodwill. 
The Goodwill Op Shops provide a much-needed service to the local community and at the same time provide funds to RFW that enables us to support people in need. Funds received from the Goodwill Op Shops contribute directly to our ability at RFW to provide country community programs that care for vulnerable country kids and families. 
Everyone that supports the Goodwill Op Shops is also helping to support a vulnerable country child who, because of geography or disadvantage, doesn’t have the same opportunity to thrive as his or her city cousins. 
We do better, stronger work because we have such a good friend in the Goodwill Op Shops. 
THANKS GOODWILL. Your name says it all.

Lindsay Cane, Chief Executive Officer

Royal Far West