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About Royal Far West

Royal Far West (RFW) is an Australian children’s charity dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of country children and has been supporting country children and families for almost 100 years. Our mission is to ensure every country child has access to the services they need to support their early development and enrich their lives.
We offer multidisciplinary allied health, mental health, and wellbeing services for children up to 12 years of age living in rural and remote Australia. Our team of 140+ trauma informed, paediatric allied health, medical and service staff support country children with their developmental health needs, including speech and language delays, behavioural and learning difficulties and mental health needs.
Our child-centered, multi-disciplinary services support country kids health and provide hope to communities that face multiple levels of disadvantage and trauma.

Every year we support over 5000 country children with complex needs across four states. Culturally sensitive and community-focused, we work in partnership with schools, the early years sector and communities to support children’s development, wellbeing, and resilience.  

You can help close the gap by donating today so that country children are given life-changing opportunities to unlock their potential to learn, grow and thrive.  

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About Royal Far West

By helping one another in our community, we strengthen the bonds of goodwill and bring people together. 

Royal Far West (RFW) is extremely proud of its enduring partnership with the Goodwill Op Shop.

I’d like to thank each and every person at the Goodwill Op shop for continuing to support the mental and developmental health of Australia’s country children.

Through your kindness and dedicated efforts, country children from across NSW continue to be connected to Royal Far West – giving life-changing opportunities to unlock children’s potential to learn, grow and thrive.

The Goodwill Op Shop people are so inspiring – the contribution they play in providing a much-needed service to the local community as well supporting developmental and mental healthcare to Australian country kids is incredible.

Every Goodwill Op Shop person, donor, customer, helps us in our mission to improve the health and wellbeing of children who live in rural and remote communities.

We all share a desire to make a difference and we are so grateful for your ongoing support

Jacqueline Emery

Chief Executive