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Goodwill Op Shops support a range of worthwhile Australian Charities including the Starlight Foundation and Royal Far West, who specialise in helping underprivileged, disadvantaged and sick Australian Children.

Operating in the northern suburbs of Sydney, our shops are run by a group of dedicated staff and volunteers who are passionate about their work which enables Goodwill to maintain a strong relationship with the Starlight Foundation and Royal Far West.

The Goodwill Op Shops operate by receiving a steady supply of good quality donations from the public in the form of pre-loved, saleable goods such as; furniture, clothing, bric a brac, bedding and many other unique items.

There are also brand new items purchased and donated at times, like mattresses and excess stock items from businesses, that are sold at discounted prices.



Kerrie Manager - Brookvale Shop


Manager - Brookvale Shop

Lisa Manager - Lane Cove Shop


Manager - Brookvale Shop

Profits generated by the sale of donated and purchased goods, after shop expenses, are donated to the various charities supported by Goodwill.

*Royal Far West receives a MINIMUM $10,000 donation each 12-month period.

*Starlight Children’s Foundation receives a MINIMUM $10,000 donation each 12-month period.

*Various other charities also receive Donations of numerous amounts at various times.

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